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Name: iOffer, Inc.
82 South Park Ave., P.O. Box 78191
San Francisco
United States - 94107

I had initially thought that I was making a good purchase from a seller at iOffer, but it turns out that this was not the case at all. It really irked me out that the tracking number that I was given was a fake one and had no package attached to it. I decided to tell pe…

10 May

I am so annoyed at the management of iOffer because they have still not delivered the items that I have ordered from them. To make matters worse, when I have tried to contact them it turns out that they are not…

22 March

I have purchased trousers from iOffer and to this date I have not received any of the two items that I have purchased. This really weirds me out because I have their tracking numbers and I have been tracking th…

09 March

I do not know what is wrong with iOffer because their system tells me that my item has already been delivered to me but I find that to be the absolute contrary to the situation. I am annoyed because I have also…

23 February

I am planning to take legal action if the seller of a fake designer wallet from iOffer does not deliver as stipulated in our agreement. I do not care if the item was fake I just went them to be true to their word because it has been taking so long. I really want and wou…

12 February

I ordered a Louis Vuitton bag from iOffer and I have waited for quite some time before receiving it. When the date came for me to receive it, I looked around my location and found nothing at all. They gave me a notification that my goods from iOffer were already deliver…

30 January

My child has an account with the said vendor and she purchased a certain pair of Adidas sneakers. However, the package had never arrived but we had already settled the amount necessary. As of late, we can no longer log in to the website. We have also tried the forget pa…

11 January


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