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I did not like the continued bias of an elderly gentleman that had accidentally killed two people after running over them while reversing in his car. Do not get me wrong, I do feel extremely terrible about the victims and their family, but the thing is they did not have…

04 April

I would like to believe that I speak on behalf of a lot of people that tune in on ITV to watch football matches on a consistent basis. The network keeps showing matches in England and I think as Scottish themed…

15 March

I am a little annoyed at the lack of coverage by ITV over a certain topic that has been such a big deal to the society that we live in here in the United Kingdom. Instead of being specific, I would just like to know how other stories can be efficiently covered but the p…

01 March

I have a problem with one of the television shows that ITV broadcasts because it is such a disgrace to condone the bullying of a certain character on the show. It does not make sense to show shows like this because it makes the person vulnerable in the eyes of the gener…

16 February

I do not like how a character on ITV's "I'm a Celebrity" was being treated because they were being very unkind to him. They should not show bullying to that extent on television. I do not think it is fair on him as well that he is harassed like that all the time, I'm su…

02 February

One of the anchors in the ITV evening news is extremely biased when it comes to reporting on the President of the United States. He never reports the benefits of the things that the president proposes and instead concentrates on other things. I don't understand why peop…

22 January


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