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I am thinking twice about getting food from Jack In The Box again because of the way that I felt like I was treated at the drive through. I was not properly greeted nor was I asked what kind of dressing I wante…

3 d

My children and I were completely famished the other day and we decided to get food at a Jack In The Box restaurant that was nearby. We ordered a lot of things from them and we thought that we would be relieved…

28 February

I was so hungry when I ordered food from Jack In The Box thinking that I could find some relief in a couple of tacos and a sandwich. At first the first hair that I found was just in my fries which I did not rea…

16 February

We have not been to Jack In The Box in awhile and my husband and I were craving egg rolls so we got a few. We specifically requested that they were made fresh. We were even willing to wait as long as we got quality food from their establishment. When we got our order fr…

02 February

I ordered a burger from Jack In The Box and it does not seem like the regular burgers that I order. In fact, it seemed as if the Jack In The Box burger that I ordered was nit even made of meat. This is horrendous, I'm used to your old food that was at least, fresh off t…

19 January


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