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Name: JC Penney Company, Inc.
6501 Legacy Dr
United States - 75024-3612

I think that the employees of a particular JC Penney Company location should try their best to get their store organized in the women's department because they have different sized clothing all over the place m…

04 May

I cannot accept deceit, especially from employees who try to cover it up with messed up explanations. I had come into JC Penney Company with a coupon and I thought that I could use it to get a sizeable discount on my purchases. However, this did not appear to be the cas…

30 April

I think that major shopping companies like JC Penney Company should do their best to maintain a superior level of customer service as is expected from their chain of stores, but sadly this is not what I got dur…

19 April

I had made an online purchase from the JC Penney Company online store and had it delivered to my local store so that I could pick it up. However, when I had gotten to the physical JC Penney Company they could n…

02 April

I had walked into the Sephora at the JC Penney Company looking to get myself a makeover and purchase at least fifty dollars worth of makeup. However, I felt like I could not do this because nobody was helping m…

15 March

I have been looking for a pair of trousers for quite some time now and I recently found them on the JC Penney Company website. In my excitement, I purchased them not knowing the hassle that I would soon be subj…

01 March

I wanted to purchase this beautiful jacket that I saw on the JC Penney Company website and I thought that it would be a great buy so I placed an order at the soonest. After a few days they told me the order was…

16 February

I bought an appliance from the JC Penney Company website and I noticed that the secure symbol was not constant throughout the site so I had to call customer service to reassure me that my information was safe. …

02 February

JC Penney Company cancelled my order without informing me and now I don't even know if the order will make it or not. I called because my order was supposed to be coming in on a particular date but unfortunately it never arrived and I was told it was cancelled four days…

22 January


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