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Name: Jeulia Store
5160 Rivergrade Rd # Y2832
Baldwin Park
United States - 91706-1406

I am so annoyed at the service and the product from Jeulia because they are just basically ripping people off by sending them cheap, poorly made pieces of jewellery. I am so angry that the set of gold rings that I got from them looked worse than bad copper jewellery and…

23 March

My husband and I had purchased jewellery from Jeulia and we thought that it was going to be a great purchase. One time while we were browsing the internet we found the exact same thing that my husband had bought for a really cheap price. We were appalled that  Jeulia se…

12 March

The customer service representatives from Jeulia are, in my opinion, very unhelpful towards the plight of their customers. I just cannot believe that they will make you jump through hoops just to get a refund. …

27 February

I love my wife and I got her a ring from Jeulia for mother's day, this was the start of my ordeal with this company because the ring had stones missing and I found that they did not give me a proper return address. I tried emailing them around seven times to get authori…

15 February

I saw an advertisement on a social media site for Jeulia and I thought that the products that they carried looked stunning in their advert and on their website. I proceeded to order one of their products and when I received it I was terribly disappointed at what I got. …

31 January

I do not know why I am not eligible for a reimbursement regardless of the fact that the ring was engraved and custom-made. The materials that they use only cost a mere fraction of what they made me pay for and they want me to handle shipping and other expenses with the …

17 January


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