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Name: Jimmy John's Franchise, LLC
2212 Fox Dr. Champaign
United States - 61820

My girlfriend and I went out for a bike ride and decided to stop at Jimmy John's. We parked our bikes outside on what seemed to be a bike rack and when we had left the establishment we found that the whole rack was missing. We spent the next day looking for our stolen b…

20 March

I recently saw a commercial for Jimmy John's that really got me wanting to try out the products that they have, but what irked me out was that the people preparing the sandwich in the commercial were not wearing any gloves. I find this to be a little too unsanitary for …

08 March

I find that the background checks that Jimmy John's does on their employees is not sufficient enough to catch people of interest. This guy who works there is a registered sex offender and I do not feel safe vis…

21 February

I used to work for a particular location of Jimmy John's that allowed people to smoke and get free food. Now if you look at it from my perspective you'll see how things become problematic. In other locations th…

08 February

The Jimmy John's company seems to be running a chain that does not even know how to make a basic sandwich. Everything seems to be overpriced for some reason and I cannot even ask for anything on the side. Am I …

26 January


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