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I had ordered and have already paid for some furniture for my living room from Joss & Main. When they got to my residence I noticed that they were missing a piece of furniture so they assured me that they would be back to deliver it. I spoke to one of their specialists …

04 April

I am very annoyed with Joss & Main because I have missed a full day at work trying to wait for them to deliver my items. There was a problem with the address on my bank card and when I had sorted it out, the ma…

15 March

We had recently bought something from the folks over at Joss & Main and we needed to have this particular item returned for a number of reasons. We had followed all the specific instructions with regard to the …

05 March

I have been so annoyed at the web management team of Joss & Main because you have to enter your email address before they can enter their website. I got so much junk mail from them and things I do not want in m…

19 February

We really wanted a piece of furniture from Joss & Main and we were told it was going to arrive multiple times. However, the issue is that the particular piece was lost in transit a couple of times already. The other thing is that the customer service representatives all…

06 February

The Joss & Main furniture shop charged me for what they said was free shipping - this is under the premise that your total bill is fifty bucks or more. Naturally, I would not have made a purchase if I had to pa…

24 January


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