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Name: JustFab Inc.
Toll free: +1 866 337 0906
800 Apollo Street
El Segundo
United States - 90245

You will not believe what people have been saying about JustFab, it is just terrible and I feel as if they should not be in business,too because they refuse to listen to their customers at all. I had purchased some cool things from JustFab and after reading all the revi…

20 March

I thought I could buy my dear girlfriend a pair of footwear without any trouble so I tried using the services of JustFab. I had the amount of the purchase deducted from my bank account, but they also deducted a…

08 March

I thought that I would jut be able to get the items that I wanted and be done with JustFab, but time has gone by and they have enrolled me into this thing that has been charging me regularly and I just cannot g…

21 February

Some time ago I bought these really good looking shoes from JustFab and I was so excited that they did not cost much so I immediately bought them with my credit card. This was very exciting for me. However, it …

08 February

Why is JustFab deducting money from my account unnecessarily? This is completely unacceptable coming from them and I demand that they give me my money back and please is there a way for me to get my account can…

26 January


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