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I am very disappointed at how JustFlowers.com handled the delivery of what was supposed to be a nice present for my sister. Despite numerous attempts to call them, I have been utterly disappointed with how they…

08 April

If you are looking for an online florist to deliver your flowers on time, then I will not be recommending JustFlowers.com to any of you. We needed flowers to be delivered to a funeral so we availed of the JustF…

19 March

Look, I think that the marketing team over at JustFlowers.com should hire themselves a digital marketing expert and somebody who really understands how to send emails. I have only used their service once, but yet they insist on flooding my inbox with so many offers that…

06 March

I had just recently ordered a bouquet from JustFlowers.com thinking that it would be a great buy but the photographs they had of it on their site did not match the delivery that they made. I was given fewer flo…

20 February

My JustFlowers.com experience was horribly bad because of the way they charge people who deal with them. I had found that when my husband was sent something via express delivery she was charged such an exorbita…

07 February

I recently purchased flowers for a family member who had passed away and I cannot believe the decency of JustFlowers.com to give me so much trouble and deceive me at the same time. I specifically chose a premiu…

25 January


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