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I do not know when Kaiser Permanente will stop sending me a billing statement for something that I have already paid for in the past. I have been getting the same statement from them again and again, and to be …

19 March

I am an old woman that just wants proper healthcare and I think that Kaiser Permanente should be able to help me with what I went through with a doctor. One of the doctors that was supposed to see me for the in…

08 March

It has perplexed me that Kaiser Permanente does not seem to properly choose the staff members that works for them properly. They have to understand that these people, including their nurses represent the compan…

21 February

My father-in-law had open heart surgery and this is where everything started going downhill for him. He wasn't able to do anything and his psyche seemed to be really affected by the treatment and medications he…

08 February

I have no idea where else to go to say this - Kaiser Permanente has the worse client care known to man. I do not understand why talking to them has to be so time-consuming to the point that they put me on hold for practically sixty minutes just so they can book me an ap…

26 January


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