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I had to purchase myself a code from the people over at Kaspersky because my antivirus and security software from them was expiring. I thought it would be a quick thing to do, but it turns out it wasn't because…

03 May

I have purchased the Kaspersky anti-virus software bundle on CD and for some reason, the activation code that I had was not working for the region that I am in. I feel like I have wasted so much time and money on a product that I cannot even use. I am hoping that the pe…

24 April

I had already canceled my account with Kaspersky and they still managed to keep my account details in their database and charge my bank for a renewal. I did not like this at all because I did not authorize this…

12 April

I once had an account with Kaspersky that just automatically took money out of my bank account because of the services that I was paying for from them. Now I would like to kindly ask if this particular charge c…

21 March

I am sincerely hoping that someone from Kaspersky can help me out with my problem. I have a paid version of Kaspersky that I cannot seem to reinstall on the same computer that I had before. The only thing I did…

09 March

I am a little bother and hassled by the fact that Kaspersky does not seem to support other countries. After I had purchased the software it had just conked out on me for no apparent reason and I wanted to know …

23 February

I am annoyed at Kaspersky for charging me for something that was not explicitly stated when I installed one of their computer security products. My bank reflected charges made by Kaspersky to my account even th…

12 February

Kaspersky has billed for something that I did not ask for. I do wish to renew my Kaspersky account but not at the two amounts that were taken from my bank account. This does not seem right and I would appreciate it if the company refunds me the money immediately. They s…

29 January

I just renewed my total security with Kaspersky since my previous one had become void. I opened the link which leads to your website and that's where I bought a new license. I had placed all the necessary infor…

10 January


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