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I had initially thought that going into KIA Motors and getting a used vehicle from their end would be a better idea than what I had initially thought. However, going to KIA Motors seemed to have been a very bad…

24 May

I had purchased a key for my KIA Motors vehicle because I had lost the keys that it came with and the company still does not want to give me the code for the key. At this rate, I will have no vehicle to use and…

20 March

A dear family member of mine is having so much trouble with a vehicle that she had bought form KIA Motors because it was modified to allow to learn how to drive. She did not even use it so much when the gearbox…

08 March

I can't believe that leaving my vehicle to be services at KIA Motors would become such an ordeal for me and I had to wait for about four hours for the police to come and investigate. When I had left my car and come back to check on it I found it to be damaged and no one…

21 February

My dear wife and I bought a Kia Soul and it has been such a big problem to us ever since we bought it. You see we are both disabled and we need a car that matches our needs, I need to be able to put in my wheelchair and she has needs too. However, we feel like we were b…

09 February

I recently got something repaired at KIA Motors and noticed that my car had a small dent that was not there to begin with. This really surprised me because they told me it was already there to begin with. KIA Motors told me that they would come over to my house to recti…

26 January


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