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My dear child was spat on by another toddler and I do not think anything was done about it. I decided to give KinderCare Education a visit to talk to the director, but all I got was a speech about how the direc…

23 March

I have already reported about a particular teacher being abusive towards her students at KinderCare Education but for some reason the directors did not listen to me. When we were investigated they lied about wh…

12 March

I am a little appalled at the level of consideration that the director of KinderCare Education extends towards the parents of sick children. The teachers had told me that they had informed her, but she did not …

27 February

I am appalled by the management of KinderCare Education especially given the fact that a lot of my kids went there. I noticed that with my third child that I sent there I kept on getting balance that I was told…

14 February

I worked for KinderCare Education in a temporary position but I was not expecting all the heavy lifting that came with the position. I was assured by the heads that the position would get easier soon but it did not appear so and after awhile I started developing back pr…

31 January

I question the safety of my child that is enrolled in this school. All their safety and precautionary measures seem out of order and would be an absolute catastrophe should anything happen. They do not even kno…

17 January


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