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I bought Koleston 12/81, it supposed to be light brown but its color is awful. What a big fail of this popular brand...

28 August 2017

I bought Wella New Wave hair mousse but just used for one time. When I wanted to use again, there was no mousse in the bottle. I think that it is disposable.

16 August 2017

It seems that everyone writes the same thing. My brown hair turned into black hair. It is the biggest fail ever for a woman. I will tell this to everyone and complain about this.

14 August 2017

Approx. one month ago, I bought two tubes of Koleston hair color. But it did not dye the hair. I mean it is not about coverage the white hairs, it did not effect hair in any way. How is it possible? It's completely company's error and I am complaining about this. I coul…

11 August 2017

I dyed my hair with Kolestin 4/0 brown color but it became black. Why Koleston victimizes people?

27 July 2017

I dyed my hair many times with Koleston hair colors. But this time, 8.0 brunette one made blisters on my scalp and itching. It is like burned and hurts, bleeds. I bought the product from Gaziemir Kipa supermark…

14 July 2017

I bought many times Koleston hair colors but all of them are not like as stated on the box. I burned many times my hairs. Who will recover them? I will appeal for consumer rights.

07 July 2017

I am blondie and bought a Koleston Wella 7.0 brunette hair color. It made my hai…

04 July 2017

I bought Koleston 5.0 light brunette hair color and dyed my hair with it. But, it became black. I could not believe it and checked its box and package. It was right, light brunette. When I told this case to my …

20 June 2017

When I dyed my hair with Koleston, my hair was sticky after 10 days. After the shower, my hair seems like dirty. I dyed it again with another brand and it has solved. Then, when I dyed again with Koleston, same problem came back.

08 June 2017


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