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We had bought some tacos from Kraft Foods and we were so disappointed when I had opened up the pack. It turns out that the soft tacos were moldy and the hard tacos were all crushed. This was not a nice experience at all and I felt like we were deceived in a way. The ent…

18 April

My family and I have been loyal supporters of Kraft Foods products for as long as I can remember and they have a particular product that we have been looking for, for such a long time indeed. This product is ca…

23 March

I was very frightened when I was opening the seal of my Kraft Foods kool aid because a spider suddenly crept out at me as it was trapped inside the container for so long. I am wondering how that spider got in t…

12 March

Don't get us wrong, our family loves the Kraft Foods line of products and at any given time, if you were to open our refrigerator you would find that we have a bunch of products from them consistently. I just w…

27 February

Dinner time today was really surprising when we were just trying to enjoy some macaroni and cheese from Kraft Foods. We found something jutting out from the dish and upon closer inspection it looked to be a pla…

15 February

I love Kraft Foods macaroni and cheese and I seem to have sampled everything in their product line. I did fine one of their offerings to be quite unsatisfactory because of the macaroni that was used. This variety of Kraft Foods mac n cheese was the stormtrooper one that…

31 January

Dear Kraft Foods, I just want you to know that I love your coffee so much and I have it every day. Sadly, your quality seems to have deteriorated because there was this one time I purchased something that smell…

17 January


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