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I do not know why the pharmacy over at Kroger is never ready to give you the medications that you need to survive for some reason or another. I feel as if they really need to be taught a lesson or what not because of everything that they have been doing to me. It does n…

23 May

I suffer from asthma and I feel like the people at the pharmacy over at Kroger do not realize that this is a life threatening condition and I will need my inhalers. Yet, they are still unwilling to release my inhalers. I do not know the reason why, because I know they a…

19 March

I am a little annoyed at Kroger because they have an employee that does not seem to have any problem not wearing any gloves during the baking preparation. This particular employee also seems to have a bad cough and he coughs on the dough while he kneads it. I cannot see…

08 March

I was applying for a job at Kroger and I had already waited so long for their reply for me. It took them so long and I was so annoyed because I had to go in to the store and explain my situation. Someone got ba…

21 February

A family member of mine has a mental disability but he can work, so one time he was given a shot at Kroger and we thought all was well at one point. However, this was not the case, one of the manager's at Kroge…

08 February

I have been a patron of Kroger marketplace and I actually spend quite a large amount of my hard earned money there every week. I just tried Kroger organic milk and read its ingredients which then left me nothin…

26 January


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