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A lot of people lost their money with kucoin. Even my friends told me how bad their experienced with them. All of a sudden they just lost their access to their own accounts or the support doesn't respond at all. It shows as if your account doesn't exist because your coi…

11 h

I have been waiting for a long time since I sent a request for support. I think it has been 2 weeks already and yet I never got any help from their customer support team. They dont even respond to my emails. I haven't been able to access my account for so many days now …

11 h

I have been struggling with ether deposit in my kucoin account. I deposited some coins from my other account but it never reached me. I the transaction history and its says that it is confirmed. I think kucoin interface is good, it works fine for me its just the whole d…

12 h

Many people lost their money with kucoin, they wont give any access to account, their support doesn't respond and it seems like it doesn't exist either. Most of the time, people's coins disappear from their acc…

31 January

I made a transaction early this morning but I am not quite sure if the transaction is complete or not. I am looking for a way to look at my transaction history for my trades but I cant find the recent transacti…

31 January

I have been trying to register a couple of times now but it keep on saying "account already taken". I believe no one cant create the same email address so I am very sure that I am the only one who has access to…

31 January

I accidentally deposited ethereum into ethereum classic wallet. I know it was my mistake, but I cant get any help from kucoin even through phone or emails. I know other exchanges can help with this, but from what I’ve read, Kucoin just says “sorry about your luck” and t…

29 January

Just today just I called one of their help agent over chat. they are too slow in reacting, don't have adequate idea, can't comprehend client's questions. You need to repeat numerous times.It1 appears that they are so much easygoing and isn't at all keen on noting inquir…

17 January


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