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I was hoping that somebody from La-Z-Boy could help us out with the problem that we have been having with our furniture. It seems as if it is broken to a certain degree and there is nothing that can be done abo…

1 d

I am undoubtedly distraught and surprised by the level of service that we have been getting from the folks over at La-Z-Boy because it seems as if they do not even really think about their customers. What annoys me is that it took them three weeks to come over and fix m…

19 April

I do not think that I will ever be purchasing anything from the folks over at the La-Z-Boy company again because of their standards of service and quality of their materials. The recliner pulley has already bee…

22 March

I think that al companies should have a better return policy. La-Z-Boy is one of those companies that should really think about what benefits their customers first. When our La-Z-Boy was delivered I was not aro…

09 March

The prices of the products over at the furniture company La-Z-Boy are pretty steep to be honest and they are considered must haves for anyone willing to invest in the utmost in comfortable relaxation. However, …

23 February

I have paid so much to get my hands on a La-Z-Boy and I figured when I first bought it that it should be money that is well spent since it would be a great investment in our relaxation. However, this was not ev…

12 February

I think that the La-Z-Boy is extremely flawed and is not favorable to the consumer in any way. When we asked about their return policy they said we had 7 days to return the La-Z-Boy product that we bought and they might charge us with a  restocking fee. We wanted to can…

30 January

I recently ordered some furniture and as they were unloading it from the truck I noticed the legs were not the same. In fact, after repeated questions to the delivery team they never answered instead just broug…

12 January


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