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I think there is something seriously wrong with the laptop that I have purchased from the Lenovo Group because it keeps doing what it wants to do and does not adhere to the settings that I have input in it. Wha…

4 d

I bought a laptop from the Lenovo Group thinking that it would last me awhile. Just for security I had also purchased myself an extended warranty plan to help me out with everything that I could need just in case something went bad. Something did go wrong and I had my u…

28 February

I am a little annoyed at Lenovo Group because I had already paid for the tablet via wire transfer that I purchased from their site, but they still can't get to me on time. I do not know the current status becau…

15 February

I got my laptop to Lenovo Group and I thought that it would be alright to have the screen replaced since it was still under warranty. There is a problem with the screen initially. When I got it back from Lenovo Group I noticed something really troubling, suddenly my lap…

01 February

When I received the expensive Lenovo laptop that I had customized by them I thought I would have a great machine that was tailor fit to all the things that I needed. However, that was not the case at all, upon checking the package that i got from them I found out that i…

19 January


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