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I do not understand why the representatives from the Lenovo Group are telling me that it would take three months for them to get my phone fixed when the only thing wrong with it is the fast discharge that I hav…

05 May

I think that the phone that I had purchased from the Lenovo Group was not made out of the best materials or has a severe manufacturing defect of some sort. It had suffered such a minor hit on the side and sudde…

27 April

I do not want to take Lenovo Group to small claims court but I strongly feel like that my product is still protected inside the terms of their warranty because they did not want to give me a replacement for the…

17 April

I purchased such an expensive laptop from the Lenovo Group only to have the motherboard completely conk out on me without even having a year on it yet. What annoys me is that the Lenovo Group has conveniently m…

29 March

I think there is something seriously wrong with the laptop that I have purchased from the Lenovo Group because it keeps doing what it wants to do and does not adhere to the settings that I have input in it. Wha…

14 March

I bought a laptop from the Lenovo Group thinking that it would last me awhile. Just for security I had also purchased myself an extended warranty plan to help me out with everything that I could need just in case something went bad. Something did go wrong and I had my u…

28 February

I am a little annoyed at Lenovo Group because I had already paid for the tablet via wire transfer that I purchased from their site, but they still can't get to me on time. I do not know the current status becau…

15 February

I got my laptop to Lenovo Group and I thought that it would be alright to have the screen replaced since it was still under warranty. There is a problem with the screen initially. When I got it back from Lenovo Group I noticed something really troubling, suddenly my lap…

01 February

When I received the expensive Lenovo laptop that I had customized by them I thought I would have a great machine that was tailor fit to all the things that I needed. However, that was not the case at all, upon checking the package that i got from them I found out that i…

19 January


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