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I know that we should appreciate women and I do respect them, I consider myself to be a feminist, but I think that Life Time Fitness is just pushing it too far. It seems like the men do not get anything at all …

03 May

I cannot believe that my family members were unduly harassed by a particular employee working the front desk at Life Time Fitness. They were all members and for some reason, they were not given access to anythi…

24 April

I just wanted to ask if it was alright for some of the members of Life Time Fitness to use the changing room as a prayer room during some times because I feel as this is an uncomfortable situation not only for …

12 April

I am so annoyed at a staff member of Life Time Fitness because she was very rude to my girlfriend and I trying to impose that we pay such an exorbitant fee for her first time there. What strikes me as weird is …

21 March

There is a particular Life Time Fitness location that is just a joke due to the trainers and their extremely unhygienic facilities. There were occasions were the swimming pool had to be closed due to human waste circulating in it. There are so many cases of ring worm in…

09 March

I just wanted to have a relaxing time at Life Time Fitness and get my hair and nails done. As one of the techs was scrubbing my feet, this particular tech asked someone to take a video of her scrubbing my feet …

23 February

I was so shocked when an employee from Life Time Fitness harassed me by making a condescending comment towards me. When I tried walking away from him he kept following me. I have tried to let the manager at Lif…

12 February

My significant other used my account to pay for his Life Time Fitness membership and since he had to leave for some time I needed to remove my account from his membership. Life Time Fitness assured me that they would handle it but after a year they were still charging m…

29 January

It has been an awful experience dealing with LTF ever since they charged me nearly a thousand bucks unaccompanied by my knowledge. I just saw my statement and they had deducted said amount with no permission from my end. Take note, I have been with them for over five ye…

11 January


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