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Name: Macy's, Inc.
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San Francisco
United States - 94105

I do not know what to do with the coat that I had purchased from Macy's online because when I had received the goods from their store I found that it was damaged and unusable by my standards. This was supposed to be for a gift and I cannot accept it as is right now. I a…

14 March

I do not understand what is wrong with the system at Macy's after they had tried to send me a replacement to one of my earrings. The thing is they seemed to have delivered the product to my former address, whic…

28 February

I was very embarrassed about what transpired at Macy's the other day as my gift card was not accepted because apparently the amount in had already been zeroed out due to a new policy that the store had. I wish …

15 February

I bought jewelry for my young daughter from Macy's and I discovered that backs of the earrings were not holding them to her ears. I decided to have these earrings exchanged which the management at Macy's  obliged me to do. I tried another pair on my daughter when I soon…

01 February

Macy's is really messed up. I was allowed to return items and I was also supposed to pick up something for my friend but they didn't let me for a long time. For some reason I almost felt like they think I'd rob them of an item worth less thirty dollars. It was not as if…

18 January


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