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I was told by the customer service representative that even if I discontinued my subscription to Magazine Rewards Plus, I would still be receiving my gift card for a major supermarket change. However, I think t…

23 March

For some reason Magazine Rewards Plus took a couple of dollars from my account and I had tried to dispute this with them. They told me that I had subscribed to one of their magazines and as a result I would hav…

12 March

I am so livid and extremely irritated at the business practices of Magazine Rewards Plus because of the way that they treat the people who sign up with them. I had initially only signed up with Magazine Rewards…

26 February

I just want to tell everyone about the Magazine Rewards Plus company and why you should stay far, far away from it. I recently got an offer for a Walmart gift card for fifty bucks, so I called the number that t…

14 February

Magazine Rewards Plus has charged my account for magazines that I did not order. This is an unauthorized charge without my explicit permission and I know it has to stop. I am currently unemployed and I cannot afford to spend money on anything, let alone magazines from M…

31 January

Please do know that I am a little over eight decades old and it is completely unacceptable that your salesperson forced one of your offers on me. I was practically hounded just to make the purchase despite me i…

17 January


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