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Name: MAPCO Express, Inc.
801 Crescent Center Dr. Suite 300
United States - 37067

I had asked the attendant at MAPCO Express if she was having a bad morning because she so rude to me. She was polite to someone else but when I entered she did not even greet me. I lacked a couple of cents in c…

20 March

I am annoyed that the MAPCO Express cashier seem t just walk around the premises avoiding having to do any work at all. I mean do these guys even have any notion of good customer service because to me it seems …

08 March

I have received a card from MAPCO Express when I had started my employment with them, but this has soon turned to be a problem because it was not working. I then started to receive real checks from them as they were sorting things out. However, even when I had gotten my…

21 February

MAPCO Express had such a rude employee when we stopped inside the establishment to purchase. She was so rude and inconsiderate that I was shocked that she continues to work at MAPCO Express, they should really …

08 February

I had gone into a MAPCO Express branch and the woman did not even bother asking me for my reward card. Adding fuel to the fire, she did not even want to place my purchases in a bag. I bought a couple of items a…

26 January


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