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Name: The TJX Companies, Inc.
770 Cochituate Rd
United States - 01701

I was treated very rudely for the two transactions that I wanted to make at Marshalls because, for some reason, only the first transaction was credited with a discount. When I had asked why this was so, I was g…

18 April

I was a little annoyed when I was not allowed to buy a flat iron from Marshalls the other day at the price that it had a sticker for. I had initially though that it would cost me around five dollars because of the sticker that was on it, but when I got to the counter th…

23 March

I am not the only person complaining about a newly opened Marshalls in our area. I have had family members, friends and even acquaintances speak their mind about the supposedly new Marshalls that has opened. It…

12 March

I was able to purchase a lot of supplies before the hurricane hit and I thought that I would be able to get a full refund from Marshalls since I did not seem to use everything that I had bought from them. Marsh…

26 February

I love my wife so much and so the rest of the husbands of the women that work at Marshalls, and it has been so annoying that one of their coworkers, another man, has been harassing them almost every day. To add insult to injury, he even damages fixtures and blames it on…

13 February

i tried to return a certain piece of clothing back to Marshalls. I did not have the receipt but the vendor tags were still on the article of clothing. What followed was a really intense process of me waiting in line and getting nothing out of it. The Marshalls manager w…

31 January

To be hones, everything on their site seems a tad bit overpriced and when you try to ask for help with customer service, especially in regard to your orders, nobody seems to know anything that's going on. They have to get this fixed quick!

15 January


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