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Name: McAfee Inc.
2821 Mission College Blvd.
Santa Clara
United States - 95054-1838

There was a problem with the installation of my McAfee security suite and I called up technical support. This was the worst thing ever because it took seven hours for them to even do anything, it involved having someone commandeer my computer and get everything fixed. T…

4 d

For some reason the accounting system over at McAfee has charged me twice for the same product. After I had paid for their product I tried removing the auto renewal service, but unfortunately that resulted in another charge being to me. I am asking McAfee nicely if they…

29 March

I am still unable to update the payment information on McAfee and due to this I cannot renew my subscriptions to their service. The thing is I have changed my place of residence and as a result my bank cards ha…

14 March

I have used the McAfee service in the past but after two years I realized that I did not need it anymore so I had it cancelled quickly. I was a little annoyed to find my account charged again with a subscriptio…

28 February

I do not think that large software companies like McAfee should get away with auto renewals without informing their customers beforehand because this is such a sly business practice in all regards. I have been …

15 February

McAfee has taken money from my account to renew the supposed subscription that I have. I know that I only got this program free when I got my new computer but this seems a little nasty of them to not inform me before they took money of my account. PayPal will not even l…

01 February

I called a rep from McAfee to ask about getting my cashback for being able to renew my subscription as per their offer requirements. I was excited about this because I thought I could save a little money since I have recently loss the strength of my main income stream. …

19 January


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