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Name: Meijer, Inc.
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Grand Rapids
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I have been really annoyed at Meijer because their stock of items has not been updated and I am forced to shop at their stores without the items that I have been looking forward to. You would expect that store …

21 March

I might not be using the services of Meijer ever again because I always seem to get problems with their services. I was ordering some photos but they came off so off and I did not like that nobody was able to help me out at all. This was such a bad experience for me and…

08 March

My mother and I were trying to be very decent human beings with this particular cashier over at a branch of Meijer. We were trying to return an item that day and we were not being given any consideration whatsoever. We had a digital receipt but the employee was insistin…

23 February

I availed of Meijer potato chips's "buy one get one free offer" because I absolutely love the way that they taste and I was excited that they had a deal on them. One of the bags tasted normally but the other one had so many burnt chips in them. They were wonderful, but …

12 February

The owner of Meijer was doing a show paying for customers' baskets and at the end he handed one of the cashier's a hefty gift card for that cashier to use. It really annoyed me because I have been a customer of theirs for so long. I know how hard all their front line em…

29 January

I've recently switched from one insurance policy, Blue Care Network to ASR and everything was supposed to go smoothly, or so I thought. Little did I know that this was just the start to all my problems with thi…

17 January


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