It has been 3 weeks now that I got no news with kraken about my withdrawal when my the platform says that it was complete and the bank says no money arrived. There has been no issues when I made the transaction so I am clueless as to hy my money is still not in my bank yet. If there's anyone out the...

It really irks me out that the kitchen appliances that we bought from KitchenAid would be such a hassle to deal with. They have been conking out on us just two months after we had purchased them from KitchenAid. We have never bought appliances from this brand before and we thought that everything wo...

POLONIEX froze my account. They froze my account for a week and Poloniex do not reply to support ticket. They never respond even 1 time. They neither reply to my support ticket nor open my account. This is crypto world and your money can go 10-100x down in just 10 minutes but they have left me alone...

I used other third party services at least 20 times and have never had any issues, until a couple days ago. it's a not a big amount but I bought .001822 btc and was only sent .001322 btc. I messaged bitquick's support service who said it was a "fee" of 5 dollars on an 18 dollar order? he said he wou...


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