Keep out of this very bad broker! I am now having errors logging in. This afternoon I attempted to log in 4 times but it's impossible! When I got it in the evening I had another error and could not make a transfer, this is a nightmare! There is one error after the next! I have sent kraken many messa...

I am writing this in regards to their service responding to customers transferring money into their respective account on Bitstamp.I had transferred with a large amount and after a week of not knowing where my money is I reached out to my Bank about the transfer.They assured me that the money was se...

This is with regard to a Keurig coffee maker that I spent a lot of money on and decided to gift to a family member. It has only been a month old and we noticed that it could not pierce the pods anymore. Upon careful inspection of the device it appears as if the piercing mechanism had broken off of i...


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