Bitfinex do not allow my WITHDRAWALS transaction. I'm have been using bitfinex for 2 years now and I moved enough coins and trade with them and I believe they have earn much from all my transactions. But it has been 2 days now that they don't allow my withdrawal. Support tickets are not being helpfu...

I deposited my funds to my YoBit wallet with Key that they provided, but it never reached to my account. Etherscan says it did though. My support tickets were never answered nor read. I definitely wont recommend this platform to anyone. They only give crypto a bad name. Yobit is a scam taking your m...

I used my mother's account to send a deposit to account. After I realize that the transaction is taking too long to reflect on the account, I searched for more details only to find out that It's not allowed to get deposit from 3rd person. So did not send my deposit to my account. Now i...

I am to a great degree astonished by every one's good reviews. My comment is mostly of the fried chicken and mac n cheese. Chicken was disappointing and the mac n cheese was tragically, nothing extraordinary. My friends and I weren't happy. We all agreed that it's an upscale KFC. The costs were craz...


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