Having difficulty logging in with poloniex after many tries just simply get locked out. That was not a great experience. Everytime I attempt to reset the password, Poloniex send me a long address with a lot of numbers and letter. So I usually copy and paste it but it is still not letting me log in. ...

Absolutely terrible, took me 2 weeks to deposit money which in my surprise will be put on hold for the next week, then they informed me that I need to verify my account again when I already verified my account to tier2. I asked for a refund and I still haven’t gotten my refund! Kraken better give me...

Amazing, btc-e shut my account and said it was on account of 'some large transaction happened'. I asked them to give me my account back. When I signed in to btc-e site, no history of any large transaction. Exceptionally alarming. I instantly moved and will never go back. They held my account hostage...


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