The other night, someone hacked my bittrex account and he or she disabled my 2FA and took all my coins. Bittrex customer service is very non existent and I am so concerned that they don't even urgently fixed this. I am very frustrated too that bittrex' 2FA did me zero good. How were the hackers able...

I won money fair and square with FreeLotto, but yet the automated responses that I have been getting from their systems tell me that I have not won anything and my numbers are invalid. I have checked, rechecked and double checked and I know I have won. I even have a the form for claiming prizes. Non...

I am having major trouble with Kraken. I put in an order and followed with a wire over 2 weeks ago and until now, nothing yet. I continuously called kraken but phone calls were being dropped and not returned. No emails showing my wire received or trade made. Very very disappointed. Won’t continue un...

I find that all the deals that are presented to new users that have subscribed and availed of DealDash are better than those of long time clients such as myself. This does not seem fair at all, why should they reap of all the better benefits because they are new. Are we not all equal customers to th...

I bought one cake and yet I was charged for two dozen. How does anyone get something like that wrong? When I called them to complain and told them I needed a refund, they kept telling me to check back with them again and again. Now, I have only one cake and no money because of this mishap.


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