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I cannot believe that I have to deal with the extremely bad customer service over at Menards because it seems to me that they do not know how to do their jobs. I am so annoyed at them because my package was sup…

21 May

I am very annoyed at the people over at Menards because they did not seem to help us at all with our attempt to find the cement blocks that we were trying to purchase. He pointed us to the direction of where ou…

07 April

Just for the record we have spent so much money at Menards and the service that we have been getting from them from a particular manager is doubtful at best because we feel like we are being discriminated again…

16 March

There are some companies with the nerve to mess with their customers and it is so irritating. I had recently purchased something from Menards and as they were loading it I saw that the drawers had defects which…

05 March

I do not know if my suggestions have fallen on deaf ears over at Menards but I hope someone will pay attention to my pleas that there should be benches for families to sit and rest while shopping spread out throughout the store. I do not get how a big place like Menards…

19 February

I was at a Menards with a coworker and he had just tried on some nice gloves that we were just looking at and we proceeded to put them into the cart along with a bunch of other things that we had decided to purchase. Everything had cost us so much money and now when we …

06 February

A Menards in-charge had recently gotten on my nerves. I went to the Menards store looking at some furniture when I spotted this gorgeous piece that was discounted up to a certain date. I also found it on their …

24 January


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