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Name: Metem International B.V.
801 Penhorn Avenue Unit 5
New Jersey
United States - 07094

I have made such a specific order on Metem International but after a few months I still have not received my package yet. There was still nothing delivered to the address that I stipulated in their records and …

20 March

I still have not received the items that I have ordered from Metem International and I am so annoyed over this. It annoys me to think that I must have been ripped off. The only email that I have received from t…

07 March

I have already purchased something from Metem International but right now I really feel like I do not need the product any longer. Since the item was not delivered to me I am asking if I can get a refund from y…

22 February

I purchased a high powered telescope from Metem International and to this date I have not received anything from the company. This just goes to show how unreliable there are because after quite some time and I …

09 February

I ordered a device from Metem International which I know is a company from the Netherlands and I still have not gotten the shipment. It has been taking way too long for Metem International to get back to me although I tried emailing them a  couple of times. I would real…

26 January


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