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I have clicked on the non-affirmative so many times with the Microsoft Windows update and I just wanted to keep my computer as is and keep my Microsoft Office in the same state, too. It really annoyed me that t…

08 May

Windows 10 want to make update with out my aprove and cant make the update they rape people pc's more then a 1 mounth they vırus my pc wıth theır update asıstant and they cant make that update cause they are al…

09 February

I bought Xbox One s, and been using Xbox 360 before. I made research to buy Kinect. I have to buy Kinect and an adaptor. Microsoft distributed adaptor for free and it's not a cheap product. It is worth 400 TL a…

26 August 2017

I got message which says that mobile payment is made via my phone line on August 24, 2017 at 01:09 am as you saw on the photo. I didn't read…

25 August 2017

Windows 10 Bluetooth doesn't connect, I need help.

22 August 2017

I couldn't sign in to my account although I entered my password correct, then I think that I might forgot my password and entered all the information they asked, but we couldn't save my account again. I had silly replies? I called Microsoft and they told that press 2 if…

11 August 2017

I bought somethings and when I returned them back, they sent the information e-mail to my e-mail adress but I cannot access it. I use all the informations what I have but recovery service does not work.

27 July 2017

On the 07.06.2017, I started to use OneDrive. Next month, Microsoft charged subscription fee for two times. They did not send me any e-mail in advance. When I talked with customer service, they told me that it …

26 July 2017

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard - KGR1173 MS part No.: x822996-011 s/n: 05098002439* Product ıd 05098-545-2439746-013** I bought the product from Vatan Computer, which I have given detailed information above …

17 July 2017

I formatted my Microsoft computer but now cannot find the product key. My computer seems unlicensed for now. Is it very hard to supply a product key?

01 July 2017


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