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Minigfit is definitely scam! They required me to deposit a such a huge some of money to activate the account. It is way too much but then I'm thinking that I'd be earning from this so took the risk. I sent the deposit but nothing was received to my account. Now I don't …

20 March

I have been with this miningfit sinec last year and I have invested a huge sum of money with them. Few days ago, I suddenly found 6 days return on one single day, which I am highly sure that is a mistake by min…

19 March

I tried mining for some months then I decided to get a payout of. The money never reached my target wallet. I have also seen no transaction id or any reference number for this the transaction. I got alarmed and…

19 March

Miningfit is SCAM!!!! I was also robbed by this scums.. During the start of my experience, I received my 3 withdrawals. But my 4th and 5th withdrawal, they gave me completely less than I sent to my account. Too…

19 March


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