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Name: Branded Research Inc.
1220 Rosecrans St. #440
San Diego
United States - 92106

I think that there has been a drastic change of either management or ownership at MintVine because everything seems to have changed for the complete worst. They used to be a nice place to go to do surveys and get a little payout every now and then. Even the interface th…

22 March

I used to use MintVine a lot because it was a great way for me to make a little extra cash on the side while I filled out surveys. To me, it was such a great use of my time and I felt like it would be a great w…

12 March

I am a little annoyed that the services of MintVine seem to be very problematic as of late. I cannot seem to get the money that they owe via the Walmart gift card that I was supposed to receive from them. I am …

26 February

I am starting to get really frustrated with MintVine because I was supposed to get my gift cards from Walmart but nothing seems to be working. Their customer service appears to be of no help to me whatsoever because of the way that they are reacting. I have sent MintVin…

12 February

I have done so much for MintVine but I cannot find the option for me to send the funds that I made to my PayPal account. This has gotten out of hand because I have already written the website more than twice asking for assistance butI still have problems. One of the rep…

30 January

I've been doing surveys with the company for about a year and I am yes to claim about $30 worth of the time I spent with them. However, there is one problem, I couldn't transfer anything to my PayPal account an…

12 January


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