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I have owned a vehicle from Mitsubishi Motors and for some reason, its paint is already beginning to chip off. What perplexes me about this whole incident is that the car has barely 9,000 miles on its odometer …

27 April

I cannot believe that the brand new vehicle that I have purchased from Mitsubishi Motors could experience so much wear and tear that it seems like it is costing me so much money just for its maintenance. I had …

22 April

I have been the first owner of my vehicle that I purchased from Mitsubishi Motors and I must say although the vehicle is in a class of its own, I do not like the service that has been afforded to me by Mitsubis…

16 April

I am very annoyed at Mitsubishi Motors because they were unable to provide my vehicle with the supposed complimentary oil change that they have been advertising. I do not find this to be good marketing and in f…

20 March

I bought a new vehicle from Mitsubishi Motors and the salesman assured me that it would come with all the bells and whistles that he had described that it would come with. However, imagine my surprise when this…

08 March

I am perplexed and annoyed the same time because the people over at Mitsubishi Motors could still not provide me with the refund that I so rightly deserve after I had availed of one of their promotions for a vehicle. I mean, what is taking you so long to do this? Is it …

21 February

Something must be wrong with the Mitsubishi Motors dealership that we bought a car from because we never got the vehicle at all. To make matters worse, we are already paying the bank for something that is not in our possession yet. This is such ann annoying thing for th…

08 February


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