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Name: Monitronics International
2350 Valley View Ln
United States - 75234-5754

I had switched to a new security provider company and Monitronics has been giving me so many problems ever since. I find that their representatives are just too aggressive in dealing with people switching to ot…

19 March

How many times do you have to call a company in order for them to process something as simple as a cancellation for you. I cannot believe that it would take Monitronics so many calls and tries. I have been tryi…

07 March

I still have not gotten the full installation that I was supposed to get for added security equipment for my home from Monitronics. It has been so bad that I do not know what to do anymore. You seem my house ha…

21 February

My really old and frail grandmother has to deal with incessant noise from her system from Monitronics and it has annoyed her so much that she can't function anymore. It got to the point that she removed her console put it in her drawer. I hope that you send someone over…

08 February

I am not happy with Monitronics and for some reason I cannnot get them to disconnect their service. The stuff that they installed was not working properly and I had to live with it for so long. They sent me batteries but I needed to install them myself. Now they constan…

25 January


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