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I am a little annoyed because Montage Furniture Services refuses to fix my furniture even though it is under warranty. What annoys me the most is that they have fixed the same problematic area before and now ev…

06 April

I thought I was being smart when I bought into the special warranty that Montage Furniture Services was selling. I initially told myself that I needed it in case of emergencies. However, little did I know that …

16 March

I would really advise everybody reading this not to trust the Montage Furniture Services warranty at all because their services hold no benefit to the consumer at all. They seem to just have this to add more mo…

05 March

I have a large family and one time our boys got some permanent marker on a piece of furniture that we had from Montage Furniture Services. We called immediately to file a claim. We had to call them again and ag…

19 February

We had damage on a particular piece of furniture that we got from Montage Furniture Services and when the technician finally came over to our place to fix the problem, he ended up worsening it to a really large…

06 February

Ashley Furniture has very deceptive practices with regard to their mortgaged furniture. According to their terms, we were told that they would replace whatever furniture was deemed unrepairable. When a piece of…

24 January


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