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Name: G6 Hospitality LLC
4001 International Parkway
United States - 75007

I am very appalled by the employees at Motel 6 because I had already called prior to coming in, in order to make sure that I had a proper reservation, but when I came in they did not have the reservation for me at all. I was passed from person to person who could not he…

08 March

I really want my money back after my experience with Motel 6 because I feel like I was in a room that was not worth my money at all. What added to my annoyance was that the place that we got was absolutely dirty and it was such a small room. In fact, I felt like we were…

23 February

My husband and I spent a night at Motel 6 with our dear dog, and as we got into our vehicle to leave, we realized we had forgotten our dog. We called up the Motel 6 number and they told us that they would have our dog and would wait for us to pick him up. When we got th…

12 February

We smelt something really bad coming from a hole in the wall in a motel that we were staying in and we immediately phoned the front desk in order to inform them something was off. The Motel 6 staff was duly informed and I left for awhile to pick up my daughter, when I g…

29 January

I usually have no problem with staying in motels because they can have good service and offer good amenities for what they are worth. However, when I was in the north, I realized this to be completely untrue of my expectations. I just happened to take a nap, not even a …

17 January


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