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There is something seriously wrong with the Mozilla default search engine because I tried my best to follow all the instructions to switch it from Yahoo to Google, but I was still getting the same thing for som…

28 April

I think that Yahoo! should not be the predominant search engine on my Mozilla Firefox browser because I really want my old search engine back. This particular hijacking done by this search company is not something that I hold lightly because I do not feel that this shou…

22 April

Everyone has been really annoyed with the latest iteration of Firefox from the folks over at Mozilla because it has not been working well for everybody. I was so annoyed when I realized that they had forced an update on my computer even though I did not want it at all. …

13 April

I would like to request that Mozilla stop it with all the updates that cannot even help the user interface. I think that the last updates you have been giving us have not been helping, especially the big one wh…

19 March

Hey Mozilla, do you know the saying not to fix something that is not broken? Well, I personally think that you broke the experience for millions of users when you updated your browser recently. There are so many bugs with it and nothing seems to be rolling out the way I…

06 March

I do not know if Mozilla knows that if something isn't problematic they should not do anything to mess up the experience for all their users. Lately, I have had to deal with the newest rendition of their popula…

21 February

Ever since I got the Mozilla Firefox update on my computer I have been really annoyed at everything that is not functioning properly. What really annoys me is the fact that everything on Mozilla Firefox does not work the way that it should. I find that the new browser l…

08 February

I do not understand if Mozilla's browser is buggy or if I am doing something wrong but every time I try to use right click, it does not work on your browser it does not work. Furthermore, Mozilla does not seem to be able to restore my previous sessions. I once had a bro…

25 January


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