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Name: Nasty Gal Inc.
523 W. 6th Street, Suite 330
Los Angeles
United States - 90015

If you are looking for less than good quality items then I would advise you to purchase products from Nasty Gal, but if you want to get your real money's worth then I would advise that you stay far away from th…

21 March

I just want to know what Nasty Gal can say about the product that was shipped out to me because I would like to know how I can return it since it was the wrong size. I do not wear dresses of this size and there…

08 March

I am fuming at Nasty Gal for not honoring their student discount so I was forced to use their special site wide discount on that day losing savings in the process. However, when I was charged for the purchase i…

23 February

I bought a few items from Nasty Gal and I had to return a few items that did not fit. I was able to do so with was because I followed all the instructions that they laid our for their customers. What strikes me however, is that I do not know what happened to these retur…

09 February

I bought some apparel from Nasty Gal than did not fit me well so I requested for a return label from their company so that I may be able to give the clothes back and get a refund. However, it seems as if I was not granted a refund at all, this is so annoying because i h…

29 January


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