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What is up with this blackout rule that the National Football League [NFL] has when displaying their games on the television. This is absolutely insane because you cannot even watch a game that you want to watc…

03 May

I think that the bias in the National Football League [NFL] has gone too far because I have noticed the calls in the games lately seem to favor certain teams. I have been watching and playing football for a num…

24 April

I am absolutely livid and disappointed at how the people who run the broadcasts for the National Football League [NFL] choose to display commercials in sporadic attempts to get you to buy a product. By doing th…

13 April

I think that the people who are officiating the games in the National Football League [NFL] are extremely biased towards teams. What makes me even more annoyed is that I noticed this without even showing any su…

21 March

I think that the National Football League [NFL] officiating and referee system has gone from bad to worse and it seems as if some teams are favored more than the rest. This is not supposed to be the case, these…

08 March

This is something that I have noticed with the referees that officiate some games of the National Football League [NFL] that are shown on television. I find that some of the calls that the National Football Lea…

23 February

I have been a fan of the National Football League [NFL] for as long as I can remember and lately I really feel like the calls by the referees are not fair at all. I have been watching games lately and there are…

12 February

Look, I'm not someone who does not know my football, I know my football and I call as it is and you have to understand that during the Steelers-Patriots game, a major atrocity was committed and it has made me doubt the integrity of the officiators of the game. Everybody…

17 January

I've been watching the NFL for nearly fifty years now and the aforementioned game, quite frankly, ruined the game for me given all the non-calls which, in my opinion, requires some scrutiny. What was supposedly…

10 January


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