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I have an issue with all the unsolicited loan offers that Nationstar Mortgage sends me on a regular basis. I wish they would stop because I am just not interested at all. It is just spam to me and gets me reall…

19 March

How dare the people from Nationstar Mortgage give me the complete run around for something as simple as a claim during a flood. My mortgage had been sold and I had all the necessary documents and I was kept bei…

06 March

The management over at Nationstar Mortgage is terrible. Somebody over from a construction company came to my house, broke off a tree branch and start stabbing me in the chest with it. I think this person from t…

21 February

Nationstar Mortgage got bailed out when it was in trouble and now we are struggling with keeping up with our payments and they cannot offer anything. We pay such a high interest rate that is almost leaving us w…

08 February

I have been waiting for Nationstar Mortgage to help me with my loan modification but it has frustrated me on so many levels that nobody seemed to be moving to get it done. I am livid because instead of getting my mortgage to go down it has for some reason risen up. Nati…

25 January


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