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I do not get why the  Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company cannot get me something as simple as the request for my VIN number because as of now I have been threatened with being charged for more because of your …

21 March

I have received notice from the title office of the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company that I have to send them my vin number, so I do this. Actually I have done this a couple of times already and I am still s…

09 March

I am so annoyed at the folks over at Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company because if I had not threatened to file something against their company on a state level they would not assure me that I would get a refu…

23 February

I had already cancelled my insurance policy from Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company only to discover that my refund is still in the works somewhere. In order for me to get to the bottom of this I decided to ca…

12 February

There are so many problems with Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and I have about had it with everything that is going on. The agent from Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company handling my daughter's coverage f…

29 January

Doesn't their service update their customers when their customers are about to have their policies cancelled or updated? This is what I have to deal with, there were many mistakes on their end that were rectifi…

17 January


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