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I am so angry and livid at the management and sales team of Neiman Marcus because no matter what I did they did not seem to honor the gift card that I am supposed to get from one of the promotions that they were running. They said they would send me an email back with r…

08 March

I think that the customer service department over at Neiman Marcus is virtually nonexistent and they only have one person handling everything for them. Every time that you would have an issue it would actually …

21 February

I have been trying to purchase something from Neiman Marcus but the company keeps cancelling my orders. I do not understand if they do not want business or something, but this is really annoying if you think about it. Are they picking on me or something? It's a shame th…

08 February

The customer service of Neiman Marcus is absolutely unacceptable and their delivery dates are equally unreliable. I was one of their customers that requested their supposedly quick two-day delivery but it was f…

26 January


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