Name: Newegg, Inc.
Toll free: 1 800 390 1119
16839 E. Gale Avenue
City of Industry
United States - 91745

I am a little annoyed that I still have not received anything from because for some reason my package was lost during delivery. The courier had marked it delivered and for some reason I still did not…

28 March

I have purchased such an expensive bag from, and I feel like that I have spent way too many hours trying to get something out of them. still has not been able to process my refund or my ex…

14 March

I am appalled at the customer service that I have received from the customer service representatives from They should spend some more time and resources into training better people to handle their a…

28 February

I advise everyone who wants to use to reconsider their decision because this is a company that does not seem honor the shipping that they stipulate on their terms. Do not even try out the expedited shipping that offers because it does not help with…

15 February

I bought a laptop that cost me over a grand from  and when I turned it on it did not want to boot. Now I have already discarded the box and  does not want me to return it or offer me a refund even thought they sold me a defective. This is such an a…

01 February

I bought an item for my son and it still hasn't arrived. I got this email stating that my order would be routed to my new shipping address. I changed my shipping address and and I also contacted just to make sure. said they would help me out with m…

18 January


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