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=I would advise everybody to avoid Nextdoor because it is basically a neighborhood application that does not even have any proper value to the people in the neighborhood, especially the people that use it. It i…

20 March

I am a little perplexed as to why I am not able to access my account from Nextdoor anymore after I had tried to log in using my desktop computer instead of my mobile device. I started to get weird problems with my account and I tried resetting my Nextdoor account altoge…

08 March

Nextdoor has practices that seem to be a little to despicable for society. They allow spouses of elected officials to take leads and they have been constantly using their site to censor people and citizens of t…

21 February

One of my neighbors who has a really big problem with me used the Nextdoor to check out my personal information and shame me. The platform was also used to bully me to the point that people follow me around and say really nasty things about me that I have no idea about.…

09 February

Nextdoor allows bullying of other people, there's this weird experience I had with them and it really got me livid. One of my neighbors found me there and starting bullying me because due to the choices that I …

26 January


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