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Name: North Texas Tollway Authority
5900 W. Plano Parkway
United States - 75093

I feel as if that the customer service from NTTA is absolutely extremely rude with the way that they deal with their customers. I hate the fact that I was just yelled at and berated like I was a little child by one of their customer service representatives. It was such …

21 March

I have not lived in the state of Texas for almost half a decade and yet I still do not receive the correct billing from NTTA. Instead of the NTTA trying to correct they way I receive my billing and checking out how they can reach me with their billing, they send the bil…

09 March

I was informed by the folks over at NTTA that I had to pay for my hold on my registration to be lifted completely. I paid them and I knew that it was going to take just about an hour for this to come through. W…

23 February

My issues with the NTTA is not about the money that's concerned but rather the way that they conduct their business. I did not receive a bill for the seven bucks that I owed them, but then my credit notices com…

12 February

Does this company pride itself in taking late payments from loyal customers because when I tried to make a payment they said that they lost my account even though I gave them the details that they needed. To make matters worse, when I talked to the next rep she received…

17 January

For decades now, I've owned a toll tag but the company continues to insist on billing me for all sorts of necessary payments I should not even have to be paying for. Additionally, they have had my credit card number in their records for three decades now but they still …

10 January


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