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Name: Nuvajen Gold
16027 Brookhurst St. 1-236
Fountain Valley
United States - 92708

I have tried to cancel the products that I have been getting from Nuvajen Gold after the second shipment, but for some odd, weird reason they do not seem to want to cancel my membership with them and the auto d…

21 March

I want to warn people about purchasing anything from Nuvajen Gold because they are a company that engages in the shadiest business practices ever. I had initially thought that I would only be charged a small am…

08 March

I had availed of this special offer from Nuvajen Gold and I was surprised to find that they were charging me for things that I did not sign up for. I was so annoyed because I had only agreed to pay for some sor…

22 February

I just want to tell everybody about a scammy company called Nuvajen Gold who does not even choose to stand behind their product. I was having a problem with one of their products and I just wanted someone to as…

09 February

I do not like how companies scam people into free trials with them inadvertently subscribing to things that they don't even want. Nuvajen Gold is one of these companies, after I had requested for a free trial they never stopped sending me products from their line. I tho…

29 January


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